Charlesfurniture is a creative
design driven company
concerned with the design
and production of high
quality furniture and lighting.
We involve ourselves in all stages
of the projects from the first
concept sketch through to
manufacturing and installation.
Furniture / Bespoke furniture is our speciality Every bespoke commission has to have its own identity and for that reason we approach each project according to how the client wants the design and build process to be managed. We can work directly with the client or in conjunction with their architects and interior designers to provide them with solutions that meet their specific requirements.
Lighting / We have created a variety of bespoke lighting installations for a range of interior and exterior environments. We aim to create pieces that combine beautiful use of light with a broad range of materials and processes.
Features / Our skills in furniture, lighting and product are often called on to create large pieces that give focus to spaces. These pieces are often quite sculptural and reflect aspects of their locations. We also use the skills gained on these projects to faciliate the production of work for artists and sculptors.
Products / Our products embody our core ideas. We try to create pieces that are efficient in their use of material, and that are sustainable from a design perspective. We have experience in taking products from the concept stage through to final production.